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Geschlecht : Female
Age : 22
Wohnort : Turkey
Hello everyoneI am Ozge from Turkey. I am here to improve my English and find penpal. I really like to send letter and giftsIf you want to be my friend, please send me a mai...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 16
Wohnort : Turkey
I m Dilan from Turkey. I m 16 and I like watching series, reading books, making new friends, listening and singing songs. I would like to make new friends and learn about their culture and their langu...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 26
Wohnort : Japan
你好 我想结交中国朋友 我喜欢NINE PERCENT한국을 좋아하는92年生 일본인입니다 ⁎› ‹⁎ 문화와 드라마, 화장품, 음식에 관심이 있습니다 K POP도 좋아합니다 오랫동안 사귈 수 있는 친구를...
Geschlecht : Male
Age : 25
Wohnort : United States
Hi everyone, I am here to make friends all over the world even in the US lol haha Since I speak Korean and English fluently, I might be able to help you I am interested in learning Japanese, German, F...
Geschlecht : Male
Age : 32
Wohnort : Korea
こんにちは 日本語の勉強をために手伝ってもらいたいです 私も韓国語文化を共有してくれます 老若男女韓国に学習を望むなら 連絡ください!ありがとうございます 日本語はひらがな...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 47
Wohnort : United Kingdom
こんにちは 哈嘍 안녕하세요 hello, I live relatively near to London the capital where I was born and looking for that soulmate. Making things clear; ideally men, around same age, if you share same interests, am ha...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 24
Wohnort : France
HiI m Marie and I m studying now library sciences. I m here to know more about different cultures and improve my english skills. My main interests are reading fantastic, fantasy, biography and history...
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