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Geschlecht : Female
Age : 29
Wohnort : Japan
안녕하세요 처음 뵙겠습니다저는 오사카에 사는 1987년생의 일본인 여자랍니다한국의 여러 사물에 관심이 있습니다한국어를 독학으로 공부하고 있습니다한글은 조금만 읽지만 의미는 잘...
Geschlecht : Male
Age : 18
Wohnort : Poland
Hello im Filip, and im from Poland. I live in Cracow city. I know polish language of course. My english isnt perfect, but i think we will be able to communicate without problems. I know also a german ...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 16
Wohnort : Korea
HiI wanna make friends all over the world. Feel free to message meIf you use language that I can t use, I could use a translater to communicate with yo...
Geschlecht : Male
Age : 43
Wohnort : Japan
はじめまして 74年生まれでとうきよに住んでいます 韓国には友達と同僚も多いですが 韓国語はまだ上手に話せません お互いに 母国語を勉強し合いながら 良い友達になれたら嬉しい...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 25
Wohnort : Japan
안녕하세요난 92년생 여자예요 독학으로 한국어 공부하고있어요 한국에 괌심이 많이있어요 더 한국말 잘하고싶어서. 많이얘기하고싶어요 친하게 해주세요 사진이없는 사람은 대답하지 ...
Geschlecht : Male
Age : 28
Wohnort : Korea
はじめまして 私は 大阪で留学しました 日本へ来て1年留学しましたが まだ日本の友達がいないので 登録しました お互い勉強したり会話したり してみたいです 料理が趣味で 韓國料理...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 41
Wohnort : Hungary
Greek language teacher from Hungary is looking for penpals from all over the world, mainly from South Korea and Japan. I m interested in different cultures, music, nature, literature, theatre, movies ...
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