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Geschlecht : Male
Age : 28
Wohnort : Japan
初めまして 私は自分のカフェやりたいので 今年4月から製菓専門学校通っています カフェとか製菓とかファッションを好きな友達を探します 東京に住んでいるために 東京と近くに住...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 25
Wohnort : Japan
안녕하세요 94년생 일본 사람입니다일본에서 의류판매원을 하고있습니다 1년 한국에서 유학경험이 있지만 한국어를 많이 잊어버려서 다시 공부하고싶어서 등록 했습니다 이야기 하면서 ...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 41
Wohnort : Japan
HelloMy name is KanakoIt’s nice to meet you allI would like to make friends from other countries. I’m interested in learning about different countries and languages and cultures. I have and What’s up ...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 22
Wohnort : Turkey
Hello there I am a Turk. I am looking for good friends. I studied in college. I want you to be my friends to talk to. please do not hesitate to leave a messag...
Geschlecht : Female
Age : 20
Wohnort : France
안녕 내 이름은 에밀리예요 나는 학생이야 혼자 한국어를 공부하고 있습니다 So sorry for my bad korean aha I want to have foreign friends especially korean to learn this language, and i can help you with french 19y, 177cm,...
Geschlecht : Male
Age : 38
Wohnort : Korea
はじめまして こんにちは 釜山に居住する会社員37歳 1981年生まれ 男子です 未婚 良い日本人友達を探し お互いの言語に対して勉強することができる友達でありながら 日常事, 各国の文...
Geschlecht : Male
Age : 30
Wohnort : Turkey
Hello everyone. I m Fuat. Nice to meet you. I live in stanbul. I like nature, ride bike, play and pc games. I want to learn Japanese and I m working on it. It looks difficult, but I think it s fun May...
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